Tap-able TOC page directs you to the content
Interactive: On page swipe, auto slideshow shows 6 Superman actors through the ages. Plus: sidebar slider.
Tap-able circles reveal hidden content. Plus: sidebar slider
Interactive shopping experience. Tap to buy the item outside of App.
Tapping each numeral jumps to 5 slideshows each 5 images deep
Page included tap-to-enlarge photos that go full page. Plus: scrollable sidebar
Interested in the city you're reading about? Hit the black circle and book a flight.
Pop up animations, video, scrollable textbooks, sliding sidebar, and book a trip.
This was a 3-page long smooth-scrolling page
Interactive: film reel spins a few times before stopping in this position
App included 6 movie trailers
Page included scrollable sidebar and tap to enlarge photos
Page included a 360 degree view of boot, controlled by the user by swiping left and right
Page included a slide-out social media bar that linked to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
Tapping each box lit up a detailed caption box
Tapping the airline button allowed you to search for flights using Delta.com
Page included shopping experience, social media, and scrolling sidebar
Page included shopping experience, and hyperlinks to the web
Page included the sound of rain drops as type slowly appears on the screen
Page included a pan and zoom of image
Interactive mood board flashes different photos and layers of type

Produced by MSP Communications / Design Director: Geoff Kinsey / Print: Brian Johnson

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